Accrediting Body: ITSSAR

Level: Experienced – This course is designed for the forklift truck operator who has had extensive practical experience, (longer than 12 months), but has had no formal training and does not hold a licence.

Course Duration: 1/2 Day

Location  At  your  company premises

Max No. per course: 3

Cost: Please see price list

Course Structure

Day One

  • Introductions
  • Theory lesson
  • Forklift truck stability safety video
  • Practical training
  • Theory test
  • Practical basic skills test
  • Hydraulic system and use of the controls
  • Refuelling and recharging procedures including battery handling and housing


What does the course cover?

  • Forklifts and the law
  • Operator’s safety code
  • Basic & advanced steering, stacking, de-stacking,
  • Picking up & setting down
  • Theory test
  • Major component identification, pre-use inspection & reporting
  • Practical skills test


On completion of the training course the trainee will be able to:

Name all main components of the forklift truck

Carry out a pre-shift inspection check and understand the importance of such checks.

Operate the forklift truck within the safety limits defined by the manufacturer.

Stack and de-stack from various heights with various loads safely

Manoeuvre a laden forklift truck in a narrow confined area


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