Pivot Steer ( Bendi, Flexi, Swing Mast)

The Pivot Steer truck is also referred to as Bendi, Flexi, Swing Mast. These trucks are designed to work in very narrow aisles  approximately 2 metres. The Pivot Steer truck resembles a standard forklift with the exception that there is an additional function to swing the mast to a 90 degree angle to either side by way of the truck being articulated. The Pivot Steer much like the Reach truck are most commonly used within warehouses with very narrow aisles and high racking systems.

Course Content

  • Operator Safety Code, all aspects of operator safety.
  • Truck knowledge, how it works.
  • Pre-use Inspection Check. Ensuring that your truck is in good working order before starting a work shift.
  • Basic Operating Skills. Getting to know your truck and its capabilities. Hydraulic controls, steering, lifting capacities and safe operating.
  • Lifting & Stacking. Understanding different loads, palletised, corner post pallets, heavy loads and unusually shaped loads. Stacking in racking and vehicle loading and unloading.
  • Refuelling. Battery charging and maintenance, LPG and diesel safety.
  • Theory Tests. After training, each candidate will sit a theory test to show an understanding of the truck they will operate.
  • Practical Test. Each candidate will be expected to safely and efficiently operate their truck in confined areas whilst stacking and de-stacking palletised loads within a warehouse environment.